“Marcel impressed me as being a very competent and astute labour relations expert. He was very successful in handling difficult labour relations issues in a complex hospital environment. Marcel’s fluency in many languages and his problem-solving abilities, especially in labour relations and organizational development arenas, are just some of the key qualities that allow Marcel to be successful in his current consulting role. I would not hesitate in recommending Marcel to any private or public sector employer.”

Richard Wilson, Vice President, Finance
The Ottawa Hospital

“Marcel Faggioni, his staff and his associates are very personable and are all completely knowledgeable in their areas of expertise. They recommend comprehensive solutions to human resources matters as they keep in mind the needs of the company, its management and its workers. Marcel Faggioni has guided Elasto-Valve through some key changes over the past several years. With his expertise and assistance these changes were made without difficulty and our employees welcomed the improvements. From helping to develop human resources policies and procedures, to providing customized employee training, to advising on complicated employee relations matters, regardless of the size of the project, M.C. Faggioni & Associates-Associés Inc. has never failed to recommend the absolute best solutions for our company. As part of his service, Marcel assists the company in developing long-term strategies with a view of fostering greater self-sufficiency with respect to the management of its workforce.”
Cathy Donnelly, Controller

Elasto-Valve Rubber Products Inc.

“For more than ten years, the Child & Family Centre has enjoyed a very productive and professional relationship with M.C. Faggioni & Associates-Associés Inc. The excellent services provided over the years have been responsive, cost effective, timely, culturally and linguistically appropriate to our agency. Through the years, M.C. Faggioni & Associates-Associés Inc. has demonstrated extensive knowledge of current developments in the field of human resources… Regular communication and follow-up on issues at had have inspired confidence and trust and have gone a long way to bolster our labour relations within the agency. Personalized service is the hallmark of M.C. Faggioni & Associates-Associés Inc.’s success…”
Susan Nicholson, Executive Director

Child and Family Centre (Sudbury)

“It is without hesitation or reservation that I recommend the services of M.C. Faggioni & Associates-Associés Inc. The firm and its president live up to their motto of “Quality, Confidentiality, Integrity – Assured”. Marcel and his associates are exceptionally qualified. I have been extremely fortunate to be able to call upon the diversity of his skills and the depth of his knowledge and experience in several areas including: labour and employee relations, conflict management, mediation, change management, contract negotiations, performance management, discipline and discharge, and recruitment and selection, to name a few. Having access to such top-notch professionals has been of incalculable benefit to me. Through all of these difficult situations and problems, Marcel has always demonstrated himself to be forthright, honest, caring and mindful to respect human dignity and relationships between people. His uncompromising ethical standards, his outstanding interpersonal, communication and teaching skills and his sense of humour have earned him the respect and admiration of many.”
Dr. Michel Bonin, Chief of the Department of Laboratory Medicine and Pathology & Laboratory Medical Director

Sudbury Regional Hospital

“The exceptional management consulting services available through M.C. Faggioni & Associates-Associés Inc. has assisted Aar-Kel and its subsidiaries with some very unique and complex challenges. I would like to personally express our appreciation for the dedication and professional support of M.C. Faggioni & Associates-Associés Inc. in assisting us with our requirements, and would furthermore highly recommend the services of your firm to provide critical management resources required to excel in today’s fast paced organizations.”
Michael Ceming, Manager, Human Resources

Aar-Kel Moulds Ltd.

“The Canadian Mental Health Association – Sudbury Branch has utilized the services of M.C. Faggioni & Associates-Associés Inc. since 1997. They have assisted us with our Pay Equity Plan and we were extremely satisfied with their services. They were thorough and punctual with their work… We have recommended their services to other agencies and will continue to recommend them.”
Marion Quigley, Branch Manager

Canadian Mental Health Association

“M.C. Faggioni & Associates-Associés Inc. And South Cochrane Child and Youth Service have cultivated a very productive and professional relationship over the past eight years. The relationship has been sustained due to the excellent caliber of service provided… The consultation and the work performed by M.C. Faggioni & Associates-Associés Inc. consistently demonstrated an excellent knowledge base reflecting current trends and realities. The advice…has always been competent and comprehensive… We found the services to be responsive, timely and appropriate to our circumstances. Perhaps the real testament to the success of their work is that we never experienced any adverse outcomes or consequences from their work. M.C. Faggioni & Associates-Associés Inc. always makes you feel that you their most important client.”
Corrie Van Dyk, Program Director

Child and Family Services of Timmins and District

“… M.C. Faggioni & Associates have been providing advice on an ongoing basis in all areas of human resource management for the smooth functioning of the organization. Throughout…all projects, Council has been extremely pleased with the quality and professionalism of the work produced by the members of this firm.”
Terry Tilleczek, Executive Director

Algoma, Cochrane Manitoulin Sudbury District Health Council

“I have had the pleasure of working with Marcel Faggioni through a series of complex Human Resource and Organizational Development challenges through the Hospital consolidation process in Sudbury. Marcel was able to direct and provide insightful guidance in the area of labour relations, compensation and benefits management, organizational development and education and other aspects of the management of human resources in an environment undergoing rapid and dynamic change. Marcel completed the work effortlessly and even in the most difficult of circumstances achieved success.”
David McNeil, Vice President and Chief Nursing Officer

Sudbury Regional Hospital

“It has been an absolute pleasure having you [Marcel] on our team. I must say that your exceptionally fine work helped this agency take a giant leap forward and with very minimal difficulty.”
Adam Hunter, Business Manager

Kunuwanimano Child and Family Services

“…our network appreciated the assistance you gave us with the review and assessment of various professional positions. Your firm was thorough, prompt, and detailed in its approach. You exceeded our expectations on all counts.”
Maxim Jean-Louis, President & CEO
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“Throughout all of the projects assigned to the firm, we found that M.C. Faggioni & Associates-Associés Inc. remained focused on maintaining a high level of excellence, quality and integrity. Our interactions with the firm have always been very professional and productive. Our decision to contract their consulting services prove to be a very wise choice given the level of expertise, knowledge and skills demonstrated by Marcel Faggioni and his associates. Their sound advice and counsel on some very delicate and complex organizational matters has allowed our agency to create a very positive organizational culture and employee relations environment.”
Nancy Dietz, Administrative Officer

Algoma, Cochrane Manitoulin Sudbury District Health Council
Sudbury, Ontario, Canada

“M.C. Faggioni & Associates-Associés Inc. has assisted us…with some very unique and complex issues. We would highly recommend the services of your firm.”
Suzanne Blythe, Vice President of Finance
Devjo Industries Inc.
“Management and employees…were very fortunate to secure your services to facilitate the learning and transition to an interest based approach to conflict management. Your extensive background from both the private and public sector serviced to enhance the credibility of information that was being delivered. Your dynamic facilitation style, coupled with ability to address all situations, made for a very positive learning experience for all our employees. This was clearly evidenced by the excellent feedback that we received from the participants.”
Diana Poole, Assistant Director

Canada Customs and Revenue Agency

“…, we found that Marcel was very dependable and reliable. We were extremely satisfied with his high degree of commitment to the projects and his unwavering resolve to satisfy the client’s needs. We found that he functioned quite independently and professionally throughout his affiliation with us. Marcel consistently received excellent reviews as seminar/workshop facilitator from his audience. His excellent communications and interpersonal skills, coupled with his multilingual capabilities, allow him to effectively communicate and relate with a wide cross-section of people. Marcel’s dedication to his craft, along with his conscientious approach to his work, makes him a very valued colleague.”

Glen Murray, President
The Mediation Centre

“In my view, integrity is a key consideration in choosing a consultant. Marcel Faggioni simply is integrity. An integrated person is one who thinks and acts and speaks in perfect unity no matter what outside circumstances or pressures exist. For these reasons, I feel that Marcel embodies genuine integrity. He is consistent in every action, singular in his speech, and coherent in his purpose… You cannot ask for more in a partner. I would highly recommend Marcel and his firm to any organization that seeks superior talent and sound advice.”
John S. Dick, Lawyer
Department of Justice
“…I realized that his [Marcel’s] course had consistently one of the highest enrolments among fourth year courses. Second I noticed that student evaluations consistently rated both his course and his teaching very highly. Finally I had the opportunity to appreciate that Mr. Faggioni strove to improve his course not only academically but also in terms of its value to the students… He, moreover, brings with him first hand professional experience that not many academics can boast.”

Dr. Osvaldo Croci, Associate Professor
Memorial University

“We continue to be impressed with Marcel’s knowledge of best practice in Human Resource Management. Added to this is his skill at presenting information in a way that is both interesting and easy for all to follow… In all of the training that we have participated in, Marcel has adapted his information and presentation to suit the needs not only of the audience with whom he is working, but also the organization that hired him.”

Lois Mahan, Executive Director
Child Care Resources

“Marcel is a very hard-working professional who possesses a fine intellect and deeply rooted integrity. I recommend him…wholeheartedly and without reservation.”
Dr. Robert Segsworth, Professor
Laurentian University
“…Sigma VI has had the great pleasure of working with Marcel Faggioni in the Yeltsin Democracy Fellowship Program (YDF)… The warmth, energy and enthusiasm that Marcel Faggioni exudes have made him an excellent host to his Russian visitors as well as a worthy ambassador for Canada. He has generously given his time to mentor and guide YDF Fellows through the challenges faced in their practical attachments, and in so doing has created beneficial and memorable experiences for his YDF guests.”
Vicki Campbell, Project Officer
Sigma VI
Ottawa, Ontario

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