Don Malette
Don MaletteAssociate Human Resources Consultant (Bilingual)

Don began his career as a chemist; however, early in his career path he discovered an interest and innate talent in the field of labour relations and human resources management. He pursued this interest and made a successfully transition into the people management field. Don has in excess of 15 years of experience as Director of Human Resources and Labour Relations in the education sector at all levels- elementary, secondary and college. Don was also Director of Corporate Affairs in the broader public sector managing the Human Resources, Labour Relations, Finance, IT and Buildings Maintenance departments.

Prior to undertaking his senior management roles in human resources, Don worked for five (5) years as a Staff Representative for the Ontario Public Service Employees Union (OPSEU) representing workers in the health care, provincial government and transfer payment agencies sectors. His management and labour representative functions greatly assisted Don in becoming a very proficient negotiator in achieving interest-based collective agreements without any major labour disruptions.

In more recent years, Don has undergone yet another transformation which involved him becoming a specialist in workplace harassment investigations.