Carrie-Lynn Hotson
Carrie-Lynn HotsonMediator/Associate

Carrie-Lynn holds a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) from Carleton University in Criminology. She has a postgraduate certificate in Regulatory Law Administration, is Certified Human Resources Leader, and a trained ADR Mediator. She began a policing career in 1997 with the Greater Sudbury Police Service, moving to the rank of Sergeant in 2009, and then transitioned to the civilian role of Manager of Human Resources and Professional Development in 2015. Upon her retirement in 2022, she began taking on an associate role with our firm.

As an experienced facilitator, coach, workplace investigator and mediator, Carrie-Lynn uses her skills, experience, leadership and knowledge in human resources and professional development to support leaders and their teams, and address areas of conflict, harassment, and miscommunication. Her goal is to inspire organizational growth and promote inclusivity within the workplace.

Carrie-Lynn provides Job Interview Coaching and is also an aspiring author. Her non-fiction business guide illustrates the importance for organizations to uncover the underlying needs, interests and issues facing their employees. The book entitled “Knowing Who You Lead” provides industry and organizational leaders with strategic tools, assessments, and practices to become more effective in their leadership roles.