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Integrity Management Consulting Group is a division of M.C. Faggioni & Associates-Associés Inc., which was founded in 1993 by Marcel Faggioni. Since 1993, the firm has been providing leading edge consulting services to both private and public sector organizations. Integrity Management Consulting Group adopts the fundamental services principles of “Quality, Confidentiality & Integrity – Assured” and will continue to be a leader in the provision of sound management consulting services to businesses and organizations across different sectors.

Our Philosophy

Mission Statement

“To assist our clients in achieving organizational excellence and leadership by providing customized and progressive human resources solutions.”

Values Statement

Our mission is founded primarily on three fundamental values:


Each project/assignment shall be carried out with the outmost in care and due diligence.


Information acquired during any phase of a project/ assignment shall be treated as privileged and shall not be divulged or disclosed under any circumstances.


All work shall be performed in a forthright and uncompromising manner that strives to achieve the highest ethical standards. The Integrity Management Consulting Group’s operating and guiding principles are expressed in its motto:


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